Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that has been helpful and supportive to me throughout this recording project and journey. Very much appreciated!

This music was recorded at Grace Congregational Church in Rutland, Vermont USA, between September 2020 – May 2021.

Guest Musicians:
Anna Pulcer, flute (recording)
Linda MacFarlane, mountain dulcimer (recording + concert)
Phil Henry, djembe (recording + concert)
Marina Smakhtina, cello (CD release concert)

Audio Engineer:
Phil Henry

Chris Booth, Vibe Portrait

Many Thanks to Grace Church:
Rev. Alberta Wallace
Kit Wallace
Alastair Stout
Diane Chartrand
Ken Willis

Family and Friends:
Paul Leduc
Tony Pulcer
Mike Szkotnicki

Special Thanks to my wife Sarah,
for her love and support!

Dedicated to my parents,
Edward and Maria Pulcer,
for the best Christmas gift ever (guitar)!